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If you’re looking for blocked drain plumbing experts, then you have come to the right place. Our plumbing experts have all the necessary experience and tools to handle any blocked drains or overflowing gutters – We can also unblock drains at your business. Regardless of the plumbing challenges you are experiencing;eg tree roots, blocked sink drain, underground drain blockage. We have the experience to unblock your drain without all of the expensive costs.

Why we are your first choice for unblocking your drains:

Whether you want a plumber who can clear tree roots that are blocking your drains, your blocked sink cleaned out or clearing blocked toilets; Hamilton Emergency Plumbing is your best bet in all kinds of drain blockage issues.

Since DIY drain cleaning rarely works, you can rely on us to achieve a superior result in half the time.

Why choose Hamilton Plumbers over Regular Plumbers?

24 Hour Blocked drain repairs

Our 5 step Drain Unblocking Process


We always start with carrying out a detailed inspection of your drains. We check for signs such as gurgling sounds, bad smells, slow drainage, and possible water leaks from cracked pipes. We do a comprehensive visual inspection to identify the blockage's location and if there are multiple blockages present.


We provide you with a detailed explanation about the blockage, whats potentially caused it, and your options so you can choose the next steps. Our Plumber will give you a quote and clearly explain what work will be required. This will ensure you have confidence in what you are paying, so you don't get any surprises.


Once you approve the quote, we will start the work. We will complete the drain unblocking efficiently and with minimal disruption and disturbance to you and your property.

Clean Up

Our Plumber will always ensure minimum disturbance to your property AND ALWAYS tidy up any mess.


We will explain in simple language (no confusing plumbing language) what caused the blockage, how we removed the blockage from your drain, and friendly advice on preventing future drain blockages. We aim to have 100% customer satisfaction!

Fully equipped and trained

How we get your drains unblocked

Why is my drain blocked?

How to clear a blocked drain

Boiling water

You could use boiling water if the blockage is from grease or soap. It is a quick and easy method to try.


Plungers are a very old fashioned way to dislodge blockages close to the plug. They work by forming a seal around the plug hole, followed by a vacuum effect that removes the blockage. Find out more

Natural cleaners

These cleaners can be used to try break drain blockages apart. There are a few methods, and a popular option is to use hot water, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. This may help with small blockages but isn't as effective if the blockage is caused by hair or other non-soluble debris.

Caustic cleaners

These cleaners can sometimes dissolve grease, fat, and oils. However, they can be expensive, not environmentally friendly and have toxic fumes, so always read the safety labels.

Drain snake

You can buy these at your hardware store, (eg Mitre10 or Bunnings). These can be good at clearing blockages like hair, but our customers have told us that they are a hit and miss option. Find out more

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